There is nothing quite like the thrill of buying a brand-new home. From modern, open-concept designs to greater energy efficiencies in building and appliances, the lure of the ‘brand new’ is irresistible. Here are a few pros to consider when buying a new construction home.

Many builders have special arrangements with finance companies who offer concessions, for instance, to pay points, or closing costs. However, buyers do not have to use the builder’s bank or finance company if they have secured better terms elsewhere.

Better building standards
In hurricane prone Florida, new builds must be built to codes amended after Hurricanes Andrew and Irma. The codes include wind resistance and roof integrity standards. These improved building standards and materials include impact resistant doors and windows. The improved standards often mean tighter seals on the building ‘envelop’ which in turn lead to better energy efficiency.

A new build warranty is usually a 10-year warranty for structural defects. This warranty is important as it is a condition of the mortgage. There are usually a variety of additional warranties, for instance, for plumbing, wiring and appliances. Warranties can be backed by the builder or purchased by them from an independent company and buyers should be knowledgeable on the terms of the various warranties.

One of the perks of buying during the pre-construction phase of a new build, is getting to choose paint colors, flooring and other design elements that reflect personal style.

The model house that first attracted a buyer will very likely include many finishes and features that are upgrades. Buyers should be aware of what is in the basic model and what the options and costs are for upgrades. Upgrades may also be structural, such as a larger garage or an additional room, and these will, of course, have a bigger impact on the buyer’s budget.

Improved Shared Space Amenities
New builds will tend to have appealing community amenities such as pools, tennis courts, walking trails and fitness centers. Other options can include children’s play areas and pet-friendly features. A potential problem with new construction is a delay in completion. Bad weather is a typical cause for construction delays and buyers would be wise to allow for this possibility and not have too tight a schedule for moving.

Buying a new house is a major undertaking but also a joyous one. Contact me at 954-295-9282 to explore the many fine options for new builds in South Florida.