A Realtors Negotiation Experience Can Bring You Top Dollar and Piece of Mind.

If you were to sell your home today, how much would it be worth?  Do you have a piece of mind? Setting your ideal asking price is only a small step toward selling your home.  Understanding of the local market, recent price trends, and amenities in your community and the surrounding area can be the difference in getting top dollar for your home and falling short.

An interesting thing about selling real estate is that your home is truly one of a kind.  A great realtor knows how to leverage the advantages your home has for potential buyers, which in turn can bring in maximum value at the time of sale.   An offer even two or three percent lower than your asking price is a significant amount of money.  Don’t sell yourself short!

When a buyer agrees on a price it doesn’t mean the deal is closed.  Contracts can fall through after inspections and disclosures, or if a buyer isn’t qualified.  A good realtor’s goal is to get you the highest price possible for your home and do everything in her power to make sure your contract makes it to closing.  It is essential to have a professional who can recognize when a potential buyer is ready to bite, and who has the skill set to reel that buyer in.  You need a great listener who can avoid the common pitfalls in the negotiation process, and who considers the minor details which lead to reaching an ideal agreement.

After your closing, there are other important details which will give you peace of mind at the conclusion of your sale.  A complete file, detailing all the paperwork needed for your financial and tax records should be provided.  Having all the proper documentation and a full understanding of the contents will leave you feeling confident and secure.

Choose a real estate agent that will be in constant contact with you every step of the way, and will manage the entire process from contract to closing.  And will be there for advice and support, and who is confident in their expertise that will make the sale of your home a pleasant and stress-free experience.